Monday, October 12, 2009

Bones ache due to airconditioning?

Whenever I sleep with the airconditioner on, my bones ache when I wake up. What does that mean, and is it bad for my heath?
it is because you have the air conditioner on too cold =at night when you go to bed ,you should just run the fan
Of course the cold does make your bones sore.But also try taking some magnesium supliments.
No, you're probably just over-reacting. I sleep with the air on every night- there is no way that that can be the case.
If I turn the air conditioner on too cold in our room at night, I find that I sort of curl up and get warm and then have a tendency not to want to move because I'll have to warm up all over again. So you may be doing the same. I have read that the optimal sleeping temp is anywhere from 65 to 68 degrees.
I had that happen once to me. My body size is over average and one night I slept on my stomach and felt like swords were sticking me in the back the next morning. It just means you are getting to cold at night with the AC. I turn off the AC once the house gets to a good level. About 78 degrees is what we do here in Vegas because 78 is not like its is humid heat. I dont think it is a medical condition just makes you feel uncomfortable.

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