Saturday, October 24, 2009

Can a hernia hurt more when you first get up? Help, im confused.?

ok so ive had what I think is a hernia now for like 6 years, anyways it always gives me problems when I lift something really heavy, do a sudden movement like juke in football, sometimes when I bend down to pick stuff up etc. When I cough a little bulge pops out in my groin area, so im thinking its a hernia. Anyways this morning when I woek up I felt the hernia type pain for every footstep I took with my left leg, like I would feel testicle pain and groin pain with every footstep, this went away after about 10 mins. This is the third morning this has ever happened, about 2 years ago this happened two mornings in a row. Anyone thats ever had a hernia has this ever happened to you? Like the hernia hurts in the morning?
Yes, of course i know, my brother had it last year it was really bad so he had surgery done. Get a surgery as its only once n the pain will go away forever. After surgery i remember bringing him home of course it hurts a little then but after a week or so everything gets back to normal. You just cant walk for a first few days so u need someone to take care of u n bring food n stuff n everything for u to ur bed. If u r really gonna think abt that then go to ur regular doctor tell him show him n he will refer u to a surgeon then discuss n find out everything with him first before taking the big step.
BEST OF LUCK...(if u really wanna know more then e-mail me)
I'm not exactly sure why your is hurting more in the morning, but I can tell you that they get worse as time goes by, and that if you have had yours for 6 years, it would be a good idea to get it fixed. The reason why, and you may know this, is that when they get bad enough, some intestine will pop through the hole and get stuck for a little while. It cuts off the blood flow and can cause all kinds of bad problems. You could end up in the hospital with gut surgery and come out with a colostomy / poop bag strapped to your leg. Now that would suck! I'm guessing that you are laying on the side where it is, or moving your legs in your sleep and it's bothering it at night. The other thing is, if you aren't moving around much, maybe the muscles in that area are stiffening up. Regardless, If it were me, I'd find a good doc asap and get it fixed.-Kevinps. One other thing - when you already have a hernia, it can get a lot worse all the sudden. I had mine about a year, then I was lifting weights and felt it rip. It didn't get so bad that my guts were falling out, but it hurt pretty bad and was a high priority at that point. You don't want to rip yours at a bad time and place.

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