Saturday, November 7, 2009

Can blowing your nose too hard cause damage?

My son always blows his nose really hard, can it damage his nose?
He has always suffered from nose bleeds too.
yep, i used to do it all the time, it can damage blood vessels and cause nosebleeds, and there was that story a few years ago (i think it was true) about that australian doctor who blew his nose too hard and died when he blew part of the frontal lobe of his brain out...eww, try telling that to your son.
but, i think he had a very thin membrane in his skull or something, and he blew it really hard.
Yeah it can damage the blood vessels in the nose..
i av herd it can damage ur blood vessel?x
yea it irrupts the blood and 99 per cent chance it can kill him if it lost too much blood and make him cockeyed broken nose etc.
Yes, you can "rupture" blood vessels and even worse, your eardrums. It is better to blow the nose more gently, more often than to try to remove the substances with one mighty effort for the very reasons you now realize will cause damage.
yes it can increase his chances of a sinus or ear infection. It isn't likely the cause of the bloody nose though, that would likely be from picking it.
Yes. When he was a little boy my dad burst his eardrum by blowing too hard.Don't panic: it heals right up again.I sympathise with your son. I *have* to blow hard to clear my nose, or anything like it. I don't know why, I suspect it's anatomical.I get nose bleeds too. Always have. And sneezing fits that go on and on. I'm 53.
skegy, blowing ur nose to hard can cause a, stroke, as well as a nose bleed. ifur son is nose bleeding a lot, take him to a nose, ear thr. dr. and he can fix the cause of the nose bleeding in his office. nose bleeds r mostly caused by a vein, close to the surfice, midway up in the nose. when blowing nose, it puts pressure on the vein and thats why it bleeds. but dont let what i say scare u, it can be fixed in dr. office, and tell ur son not to worry, there is no pain. god bless
No. As long as he isn't doing it because he's sticking objects up his nostrils, then you don't have a problem.The nose bleeds could be sign of a problem. I should mention it when he next sees his G.P. Nothing to fuss over though.
yes it is proven that you can break your ribs
Yes it can rupture veins..
Yes that may be why his nose bleeds blowing to hard.

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